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Southeast Asia Wire & Tube Exhibition
Published date:2011-11-3
September 13, 2011.”The third wire, cable, tube and pipe trade fairs for Southeast Asia “ceremoniously opened in Bangkok international trade and exhibition centre (BITEC).

The exhibition is held by Messe Dusseldorf, Germany, organized in 2007 for the first time,held every two years , with its highly specialized and influential known for industry vendors to develop markets in Southeast Asia and South Asia important business opportunities. This session of the exhibition attracted more than 300 exhibitors around the world, including 73 world famous cable equipment manufacturers from China.

During the exhibition, there are many customers come to our booth to understand the equipment information and do business negotiations. Cable factory in Bangkok, Thailand, Phelps Dodge Thailand, South Malaysia, and many customers have expressed their trust to us and good will to cooperate. At the same time, they raised higher request on our product quality. A lot of new customers mainly from India and Thailand come to our booth; they observe the product model, communicate with our engineer, and expressed strong interest in our new developed Aluminum coated continuous extrusion machine and Vertical Type lay-up machine.
Southeast Asia is our key areas of our international marketing strategy. It is the most potential market, And Thailand occupies an important position in Asian Nations, it has strong radioactive role to the neighboring countries.This exhibition plays an important promotion in the development of our company and brand influence.

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