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2011 Aisa Wire & Cable Expo in Tianjin
Published date:2011-11-3
The 15th Wire & Cable Expo will be held from June 13 to 18 in the beautiful coastal cities.

Wire & Cable Expo is one of the most important platforms for extend and applicants of international wire and cable and wire products, equipment, materials and products in China .During the exhibition, our new developed products, for example the portal pay- off and take-up, the caterpillar haul-offs, high speed extrusion line and so on were shown off, attract many customers. More than  60 enterprises both well-known domestic enterprises, but also the big foreign companies come to our booth to communicate and negotiate with us.


More than 128 domestic and foreign exhibitors attend the exhibition. Langfang Xinming Cable Machinery Industry Co., ltd long-term focus on the promotion and exchange of the technology and its outstanding contribution has been recognized by the organizers and the exhibitors and  received the "Best Award".

As general manager Hu Xinming on behalf of winners makes a speech and accepts the special interview organized by the organization committee. Our Chief Engineer was invited to Asian cable BBS held at the same time to introduce our  latest technology innovation achievement and Get the industry's approval.

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